A little bit about the music classroom:

In music class students will sing, move, listen, imitate, explore, experience, analyze, classify, create, share, perform, notate, read, improvise, cooperate, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! We strive to create innovative, engaging lesson plans which include singing, playing instruments, and moving in each of our lessons. Music is important here at Dolvin Elementary. Studies show that students who receive music perform better on tests involving reading, math, problem solving, and logical thinking.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

News & Notes

We will be finalizing 2nd grade auditions by next week. There are opportunities for additional speaking roles following our first announcement. Teachers will be making that announcement in class.

Students are wrapping up our first unit, rhythm. We have spent the first nine weeks learning about beat, meter, and rhythm. Check Twitter and Instagram for pictures and videos of student work! We will begin our 2nd unit of study, melody. Students will be learning how to read AND sing pitches on the staff. We will tie this in with what we know about rhythm to read and sing actual musical notation! (Even in kindergarten!)

Chorus students should have set up their class Edmodo accounts and may begin practicing their music and submitting auditions for singing solos.

This week, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to work with the BEST, Quaver! Check back for an update with an announcement about our session over the next few weeks  It was so much fun and the team is just incredible! I had a great time seeing all of the brilliant minds at work putting together every element of the Quaver world.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions! 

Thank you,
Megan Endicott

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spaced Out Auditions

A quick update for students and parents with questions.  We are holding auditions during classes this week.  In the event that we are unable to finish auditions, we will follow up the following week during music class.  Please remind your child that there are only 3 spots per classroom, which makes this process very tricky.  We will have additional opportunities for speaking roles from the classroom teachers.  Every student will have a costume and either a speaking or dancing role on stage. Please let me know if you have any questions! Be looking on social media for sneak peeks of our in class rehearsals! 

Megan Endicott