A little bit about the music classroom:

In music class students will sing, move, listen, imitate, explore, experience, analyze, classify, create, share, perform, notate, read, improvise, cooperate, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! We strive to create innovative, engaging lesson plans which include singing, playing instruments, and moving in each of our lessons. Music is important here at Dolvin Elementary. Studies show that students who receive music perform better on tests involving reading, math, problem solving, and logical thinking.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are - 4th Grade

4th graders were asked to think about a book on tape or a movie.  Each tells a story.  How is this story different from reading a book?  How can you take a story and add drama or “life” to the pages in the book?  Students in each class first experimented with instrument sounds and sound combinations.  Then used what they knew to add sound effects to a list of words.  Following this activity, students were taught a song "Where the Wild Things are and inserted the song into the story.  Add some drama.... and presto! You have a materpiece!  Click on the class below to see each class perform "Where the Wild Things Are".  I think it is interesting to see how each classes performance comes out so different.

Dunn Part 1, Part 2

4th and 5th Grade Mnemonic Devices

4th and 5th Graders learned about Mnemonic Devices and how they can help with memorizing.  Every Good Boy Does Fine is a mnemonic device used to help memorize the names of the notes on the lines.  Students took EGBDF the notes on the lines and created their own mnemonic devices.

2nd Graders - In the Hall of the Mountain King

Naughty Peer Gynt ventured into the underground kingdom of the trolls where he found himself in a bit of trouble!  Students listened the the story of "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Without hearing the ending, they had to listen to Edvard Grieg's indcidental music and decide what the music told them and create their own ending with a matching picture. Some thought he escaped, while others thought we was captured!