A little bit about the music classroom:

In music class students will sing, move, listen, imitate, explore, experience, analyze, classify, create, share, perform, notate, read, improvise, cooperate, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! We strive to create innovative, engaging lesson plans which include singing, playing instruments, and moving in each of our lessons. Music is important here at Dolvin Elementary. Studies show that students who receive music perform better on tests involving reading, math, problem solving, and logical thinking.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Happy end of the year and HELLO SUMMER!

Goodbyes are bitter sweet. As we take off to enjoy family, friends, relaxation, and vacations to prepare for the return of our students, we say a fond farewell to our 5th graders! This is a special group I am going to miss dearly.

As an exciting way to send off, the Music Tech Team (MTT) hosted their final podcast series of the year spotlighting unit 4, form and timbre, as well as featured guest interviewee Mr. Tim Corrigan, the Fulton County Northeast Learning Community Area Superintendent of Schools! The students and I had a wonderful time getting to know more about Mr. Corrigan as well as hear about how involved music is in his life and career. This is a feature you don't want to miss!

Friday, February 8, 2019

February Updates!

Dear parents,

We are excited to announce that we are very close to finalizing 1st grade auditions for Lemonade, that will be featured on February 28th in the Dolvin Elementary Cafeteria. Please remember, that while not everyone will have the opportunity to speak in the microphone, all students will be in costume and featured on stage! For more details and practice parts, please view the Lemonade link on this website!

Chorus started up with a bang this week! Students selected Disney as the theme for our spring medley. We are excited to look through and add some of our Disney favorites!

And finally, we have a special podcast we have been working hard to edit and have it ready to share! This podcast features Mrs. Cooke! The Dolvin Elementary School principal. We hope you enjoy!

Thank you!

Megan Endicott

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Globetrotter Update! We are excited about the game tonight! Chorus students will meet at the box office 6:15 and then meet on the court at 6:30. Wear your chorus shirt and ensure you have submitted your waiver to be on the court. You are welcome to bring the waiver in hand. Tickets will need to be secured for all those attending the game. Don’t forget to go to the chorus page on the website to sign up for Remind. This is the best way to get in touch with me!

See you then!

Megan Endicott

Friday, September 28, 2018

Special Message to 3rd Grade Parents

Happy Friday! I am so excited to let you know that the 3rd grade musical “Dig It” is just around the corner on October 18th at 6:00 pm. We will be sending more details home as we approach the date with specifics concerning costuming. We are excited to open auditions for speaking part assignments. If your child has an interest in auditioning for a special role in this year’s musical, we will be recording student auditions next Tuesday and Wednesday. Audition scripts and a list of characters may be found on my website http://dolvinmusicendicott.blogspot.com/p/dig-it.html. They may decide to pick no more than two character assignments (or singing solos) to read for their audition. Your children will also find all of the lyrics on the website that they may practice at home. In order for a student to obtain a role, they are expected to speak loudly, slowly, clearly, and expressively.  We do not require students to memorize their lines for their audition; however, memorization offers an opportunity for students to use their hands to add expressive qualities. Please remember that there are limited speaking parts; however, all students will be in costume and featured in some way during the performance.
Please reach out if you have any questions! We are looking forward to a wonderful performance! Remember to check the music blog for constant updates and important news or notes. Please reach out to endicott@fultonschools.org for any questions you may have.
Thank you!
Megan Endicott

Thursday, September 20, 2018

3rd Grade Musical Auditions

We are excited to announce the third grade musical auditions will begin next week! We will be sending home some information for your children to use as a guide for practicing their lines. You are also welcome to view all needed information for the musical here: https://dolvinmusicendicott.blogspot.com/p/dig-it.html and dates can be found here: https://dolvinmusicendicott.blogspot.com/p/musicals.html. When in doubt, check this blog site to find the answers to many of your music questions. If you have additional questions, please reach out to me at endicott@fultonschools.org.

Thank you!
~Megan Endicott

Sunday, September 16, 2018

First podcast of the 2018 year!

We are thrilled to kick off the music tech team's podcast series for the 2018-2019 school year! All work is created by the students, including most of the content (collaboratively created by Google Docs) and music (through various digital technology music creation apps). They are thrilled to be featuring new principal at Dolvin ES in our second podcast coming soon! Consider following us and learning more about what is happening in the world of Dolvin Music!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Chorus & Musicals & and a NEW schedule!

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend with family this Labor Day Weekend. As we return, I wanted to let you know that chorus is officially up and running for any 4th and 5th grade student wishing to sing and perform. We meet every Thursday from 2:30 - 3:30. Please ensure you have signed up using the online form on this link: https://dolvinmusicendicott.blogspot.com/p/dolvin-chorus.html. Please ensure you click the submit button for their information to be properly transmitted. In addition, please consider joining our Remind group to receive constant updates and reminders as we move through the year. Chorus polo shirts will be purchased through the online payment system this year. All information and needed links can be found on the chorus page. Last, we will communicate through Google Classroom. I will send an email once we are up and running with the join code so your students have access to news, notes, lyrics, and tracks for practice.

We are excited to announce the 3rd grade musical, "Dig It", is back and running! I will be placing a link to lyrics and audition scripts for students to practice at home. The show will be Oct. 18th. Auditions will be held within the next two weeks. Be looking for practice papers!

2nd graders will be working on their musical, "Spaced Out", to align with their 2nd grade science curriculum. We will also hold auditions within the next few weeks. Paperwork will come home with your children based on their interest in particular part assignments. The date for the show will be November 1st.

Kindergarten and 1st graders will be playing instruments, games, and performing folk dances to internalize steady beat and differentiate between beat and rhythm. We will be moving into reading and writing basic rhythmic notations over the course of the month. Ask Me Cards (or notes via Seesaw) will be coming home soon!

You may not have noticed, but due to the 10-day count, we lost one day of Mr. Denney. I will be updating the schedule soon, but have picked up 3 more classes; therefore, Class Dojo and Seesaw have not yet really kicked off. It is my intention to get the new classes loaded and running as soon as possible so you may begin seeing all of the wonderful things we are doing in class. In addition, you may have noticed a silence on social media. That is because I was waiting on the media release forms to be submitted. Now that all forms have been properly assessed, I hope to post pictures and videos of student work beginning this week!

Speaking of posting! My Music Tech Team hopes to have their first podcast up and running this week with a special interview with new Dolvin principal, Karen Cooke! The kids are so excited and we hope you will be too! Check back for updates!