A little bit about the music classroom:

In music class students will sing, move, listen, imitate, explore, experience, analyze, classify, create, share, perform, notate, read, improvise, cooperate, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! We strive to create innovative, engaging lesson plans which include singing, playing instruments, and moving in each of our lessons. Music is important here at Dolvin Elementary. Studies show that students who receive music perform better on tests involving reading, math, problem solving, and logical thinking.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fine Arts Night - Chorus

Dear Chorus Parents,

Fine Arts Night is quickly approaching!  Our performance of Top 40 will be held at the Dolvin Elementary School cafeteria Thursday, May 3rd.  Letters have been sent home with students covering extended rehearsals, morning rehearsals for special roles, and costume suggestions for the performance.  I hope to have a link to these important papers soon.  Costumes need to be pulled together by next Wednesday afternoon.  We plan on extending tomorrow afternoon's chorus rehearsal to 4:00 PM.  Permission forms are required for student attendance.  Please ensure that you have sent in the proper paperwork.  Additionally, we plan to extend chorus rehearsal next Wednesday until 4:00 which will serve as our dress rehearsal.  Please send your child's costume to school with them on Wednesday, May 2nd.  We will be performing for the school Thursday, May 3rd.  This performance will be video taped; therefore, your child will need to bring or wear their costume to school Thursday morning.  Our performance Thursday, May 3rd will be at 6:00 PM.  Students will need to be in the cafeteria by 5:30 in costume.  Please e-mail me at endicott@fultonschools.org if you have any further questions.

Thank you,